Publisher: Plateau State University, Bokkos

Traditional Communication and Health Advocacy Campaign: A Study of June 2014 Polio Campaign In Doemak

Laguma, Joyce
KEYWORDS: Traditional Communication, Health Communication, Advocacy Campaign, Communication System


Communication is the process through which data and information are transferred from one location to another. This is done to transfer meaning and knowledge about an issue to the recipient. Thus, communication is critical in health care awareness to promote positive-related knowledge and decisions. Hence, the investigation of the traditional communication system of Doemak in disseminating the June 2014 Polio campaign is the objective of this study. Therefore, the system theory is used to explain the interaction within and outside the Doemak community to enhance the understanding of health advocacy campaigns. In depth interview and focus group discussion were held to collect data to aid the investigation of Doemak traditional communication system and health campaigns in the community. Results showed that the traditional communication system was adopted by the Primary Health care Centre and was effective in enlightening and educating the community. It is recommended, among others, that health campaigns should be planned and executed carefully using the traditional
communication system to achieve maximum knowledge of the health issue by the community.

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