Publisher: University of Calabar

Dialectics of The Incubation of ‘Baby Factories’ In Nigeria

Charles, Alfred, Akwara, Azalahu Francis (ph.d), Andeshi, Christopher Ale
KEYWORDS: Dialectics, Incubation, Baby, Factories, and Nigeria


The developing world is facing a lot of crises. Globalization is not also helping the countries of the global South as it was thought and to the extent that it was believed. Currently, extreme poverty and other vagaries of underdevelopment are compelling the so-called developing countries to resort to all kinds of survival antics that are practically against the cultural norms and values of the people. Baby factory: the production and the selling of children like food stuffs is a phenomenon that developing countries such as Nigeria are struggling with. This study adopted survey research methodology to investigate the phenomenon of Baby factories in Nigeria. For the Baby factory practice to be reduced drastically and immediately the study recommended among others that general and massive economic empowerment, of all varieties, for the youths is the first action needed. This is because abject poverty is one of the main driving forces behind the ugly un-African phenomenon in focus.

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