Publisher: University of Calabar

Insecurity and The Leadership Question In Nigeria: An Examination of The Quest For Sustainable Development Through Complementary Reflection

Solomon, Kinsley Christopher, Egbai, Mary Julius
KEYWORDS: Leadership and Insecurity in Nigeria, Complementary Reflection


It is no hidden truth, that insecurity has predominantly characterized the Nigerian society today. This is apparently visible in the wanton killings, brutality, destruction of lives and property. Fraudulent activities, human trafficking, kidnapping and numerous other social vices have rendered many Nigerians greatly disillusioned. This sordid Nigerian experience is often accrued to bad leadership and Corruption. In laying a focal point on this widely accessed causality of insecurity which has plagued the Nigerian nation, one encounters a paradox. Leadership at all forms and ramification is supposedly a tool of effective positive impartation, organization, visionary projections, information, education and good policy implementation. Unfortunately leadership in Nigeria is far from its ought.
Rather a position of leadership is utilized by many as a means of self aggrandizement, imposition and actualization of self interest, victimization, embezzlement, hunting of enemies, and impoverishment of the masses. This leadership and administrative ineptitude has antithetically evolve into inflammable corruption and ferocious insecurity. It is against the backdrop, that complementary reflection provides a conscious, conscientious and complementary approach to effective leadership, and a therapeutic dimension to the ailing insecurity challenges in Nigeria.

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