Publisher: University of Calabar

Boko Haram As A Syndrome of The Unresolved National Question In Nigeria: The Dilemma

Igbokwu, Iweka Henry, Orhero, Abraham, Phd
KEYWORDS: Boko Haram, Unresolved National Question, Insecurity, Nigeria’s Unity, Ethnic identities


The issue of the unresolved national question has often been reverberating in the political development of Nigeria right from colonial to post-colonial eras. The study therefore examines Boko Haram and the National Question in Nigeria and argues that it was the unresolved national question that snowballs into Boko haramism in the Nigerian polity. The research adopts the conspiracy theory as its framework of analysis. The study calls for the total democratization of the Nigerian state as one of the prerequisites and the sine qua non for addressing the negative consequences posed by the unresolved national question and its offshoot such as Boko haram and insecurity. The research posits that the term ‘indigenship’ should be de-emphasized and totally discouraged as it tends to deepen discord and acrimony which is capable of causing disintegration amongst Nigerians while emphasis should be placed on ‘citizenship’ as it tends to breed unity and collectivity. The term ‘residency’ should be emphasized and encouraged and should be used in place of ‘indigenship’ and be given constitutional backings with practical mechanisms for its application .The study therefore argues that, only when Nigerians agreed to come together, understand their differences and agreed to manage and live by it that peace and unity can be brought back in the country. The research therefore recommends that political contest should not be anchored on the basis of place of origin and indigeneship rather on meritocracy and performance records.

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