Publisher: University of Calabar

Conceptualization of Community Policing In The Uganda Police Force

Onesmus Bitaliwo
KEYWORDS: Community policing, society, community liaisons officer, partnership


Conceptualization of community policing has remained persistent especially in the social sciences where different people are bound to conceive concepts differently. A closer look at the implementation efforts on community policing in Uganda police force brings this to glare the differences in understanding of what it constitutes. The fragmentation of societal needs and priorities may explain this, nevertheless, it is pertinent not to forget the true concept of community policing and its theoretical base. The main objective of this paper is to bring to perspective the concept and theory of community policing so that as implementation efforts are ongoing a certain trend of uniformity can be sustained. Basically, this paper utilized existing literatures on the concept and theory of community policing in seeking and understanding about community policing. The paper identified differences in definition among scholars and also certain principles which are found in almost all models of implementation over time across borders, in which considerable progress have been achieved by adopting them and if followed will offer a coherent approach towards successful community policing. In conclusion, the paper observed that if really community policing is to be advanced, then a proper understanding of what it constitutes in principle most be comprehended by the police, citizens and leadership in general

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