Publisher: University of Calabar

Democratization and State Building: A Conundrum In Krgyzstan

Subrat Biswal
KEYWORDS: Kyrgyz Republic, Political Turmoil, Representative, Liberal Democracy, Decentralization


The unprepared independent Kyrgyz republic faced much political turmoil since independence. In order to bring stability the reformist president Akayev adopted enormous provisions but unluckily all seemed short before the threat to the state. Opposition primarily came from his own party in the parliament who were opposed to the reforms of Akayev. They wanted to embed with soviet policies. Being a small, land locked and mountainous state faced economic fall out in 1994. But the president was chained helplessly in his hand. And by and large the economic condition was also demolished by the president himself. After independence he followed the language policy which made compulsory the learning of Kyrgyz language. So there was huge migration of Russians, Kazakhs, Jews, Turks, and Uzbeks to their own state. Importantly they were contributing to the development of state being resided in urban areas. Ethnic conflict predominantly contributed for the upheaval of the state.  

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