Publisher: University of Calabar

Nigerian Unity and The 2015 General Elections: An Overview

Paul, Salisu Ojonemi, Alih, Muhammed Attai, Eri Kayode
KEYWORDS: Nigerian Unity, General Elections, Democracy, Election Rigging, Peace and Security


The forthcoming 2015 general elections are going to be the most heated of all elections in Nigerian democratic history considering the war of words and pocket of violence traded between the two major political parties (ruling People’s Democratic Party-PDP and All Progressives Congress-APC). Therefore, the centrality of this paper deals with the consideration of the major hurdles facing Nigerian democratic consolidation at this moment. With the use of qualitative data, attempts have been made at seeing Nigeria's democratic transition, possible implications of the threat on Nigeria's national unity, hard-earned democratization, peace and security. The paper recommended that Nigerian unity should not be compromised with any personal, ethnic/regional and religious interest. It also maintained that the judiciary should stay up and resolves her independence and justice adjudication question so as to restore confidence and hope in political conflicts resolution. Adherence to all these and many others will keep Nigerians and its democracy one, after 2015 general elections.

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