Publisher: University of Calabar

The Synergy Between Social Science and Ideology: A Philosophical Contemplation

Amaobi, Nelson Osuala, Effio-ita Effiom, Nyok
KEYWORDS: social science, ideology & value ladeness


There has been a heated debate as to what actually is the nature of social science. Theorists and social scientists have been at loggerheads as they battle in an attempt to explain the true nature of social science as contrasted with ideology and why according to them, it is called social science and not science per se. Others still have argued that what we now call social science was once and is perhaps presently an embodiment of ideologies which itself cannot be said to be free of self-interest, prejudice, ethnocentrism, value ladeness etc. In an attempt to participate in this hot boiling debate, we have argued that there is a synergy between the duo of social science and ideology. We argued that the concept of value ladeness did as a matter of fact extrapolate into the different strands of social science theories and ideologies respectively but maintained that they are ‘distinctively’ different though they share similarities. 

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