Publisher: University of Calabar

The Role of The Media In Conflict, Peace-Building, and International Relations

Melike, Yagmur Savrum, Leon Miller
KEYWORDS: the democratization of value-creation, infrastructure for peace, misinformation, liberal peace agenda, media hegemony


This article analyzes the role of media in interethnic relations and conflict. The article argues that news media influences the outcome of conflict negotiations. This article adds to research on media by highlighting vital factors that are under researched (i.e. the role that the media play in the liberal peace agenda and alternative media‚Äôs revolutionary impact on cross border social movements). This article focuses on the Cyprus conflict with a particular emphasis on the role that the media play in the peace-building process.  This article argues that alternative media reflect new factors impacting the international arena thus deserve comprehensive analysis. This article contributes to international relations theory and practice by stressing the impact that communication technology has on global affairs

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