Publisher: University of Calabar

Review of Performance Appraisal and Objective Assessment of Subordinate officers In Nigeria

Moses Atakpa, Ph.d, Stephen Ocheni, Ph.d, Basil C. Nwankwo, Ph.d
KEYWORDS: Performance Appraisal, Public Sector Organisation, Subordinate Officer


The Annual Performance Appraisal and Objective Assessment of Subordinate Officers in Nigeria Public Sector Organization have a deep crack and division, because the former does not in objective and real terms, reflect and approximate the latter. We are aware that the Annual Performance Evaluation Report (APER), which is commonly used in Nigeria public sector organization especially in the public service, is a mere ritual. The assessment often carried out by the superior officers does not represent an objective assessment of the subordinate officers. Consequently, performance appraisal and objective assessment of subordinate officers have remained a troublesome cleft in Nigeria public sector organization. The present work is an attempt to reconcile and resolve the troublesome cleft: first, through proper academic clarification of both concepts for better understanding and appreciation by the users and scholars, secondly, through explication of some other related relevant concepts such as performance, performance standards and performance evaluation: finally, through identification of problems associated with objective assessment of subordinate officers and suggestions for making performance appraisal a tool of management.

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