Publisher: University of Calabar

The Effect of The Cost of Militancy and Unrest Or Peace Accounting On The Productivity of Private Organisations In Nigeria

Fidelis Esira Arong, Egbere Michael Ikechukwu
KEYWORDS: Accounting for peace, Cost of Peacekeeping, Economic Development, Insecurity, Militancy and Productivity


The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of the cost of peace, militancy and unrest or peace accounting on the productivity of firms in Nigeria. To achieve this purpose, Niger-Delta region was used as the case study, hypothesis was raised and a review of extant literature and theoretical framework was made. In order to generate the necessary data for this study, the secondary method of data collection was employed and a longitudinal survey designed for a period of ten (10) years i.e. 2003-2012 was adopted. The data for the study were generated from the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Statistical Bulletin of 2009. The result of the researchers’ analysis showed that cost of peacekeeping in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria has a significant negative impact on the productivity of firms in Nigeria. It was therefore recommended that to eliminate cost of peace-enthronement in the Niger-Delta region and consequently improve the economic development of Nigeria, the federal government and her parastatals as well as the multinational oil companies should pay special attention to the Niger-Delta question by making provision for higher level of infrastructures (electricity, good roads, efficient communication systems, portable water, employment opportunities, scholarship awards, etc) to the people.

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