Publisher: University of Calabar

Developing office Management Techniques In Nigeria: Perspective, Profile and Prospects

Eneche J. B. Pius, Audu Joel Samson
KEYWORDS: Office, Office Management, Management technique, productivity.


Office Management in developing countries is germane considering the inexhaustible and dynamic need to meet global competitiveness in terms of service delivery, effective planning and execution of day to day activities by organizations. This is in recognition of the fact that robust political, economic and social development in any nation cannot be accomplished without calculated office management techniques. This paper therefore empirically evaluates the perspective, profile and prospects of developing office management techniques in Nigeria. The researchers elicit data from both primary and secondary sources. Simple percentages, mean scores, standard deviation and co-efficient of variation were used in data presentation and analysis. The study revealed that the development of office management techniques is pivotal to enhancing service delivery. Thus, the paper recommends that there should be adequate training of employees in improving their techniques in office management and infrastructure should be improved to encourage office automation towards better service delivery.

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