Publisher: University of Calabar

Effects of Human Resource Training and Development On Productivity In Nigerian Hospitality Industry

Audu Joel Samson, Gungul, Timothy
KEYWORDS: Training, Development, Human Resource, Hospitality Industries, Productivity


The need for high productivity to address the socio-economic challenges has been the target of nations globally. Meeting this target needs competent human capital that would utilize available resources maximally. This research titled “Effects of Human Resource Training and Development on Productivity in Nigerian Hospitality Industry” is written to critically ascertain the extent to which training and development has improved productivity in the hospitality industry. The researchers elicit data from both secondary sources and primary sources like questionnaire, interview and observation. The population of the study was 482 from which a sample size of 98 was selected. The methods of data analysis used are simple percentage and other statistical method. The paper concludes that the hospitality industry in Nigeria could be improved through training and development of human resources. Thus, the paper recommends that hospitality industry should prioritize training and development of their employees by
injecting more funds into such human resource programmes so as to ensure improved productivity.

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