Publisher: University of Calabar

Comparative Analysis of African Union (AU) and European Union (EU): Challenges and Prospects

Abdulrahman Adamu, Abraham M. Peter, Ph.d
KEYWORDS: Comparative, Analysis, AU, EU, Prospects, Challenges


This paper undertakes a comparative analysis of African Union and its counterpart, European Union (EU). It argues that the architects of AU undoubtedly relied on the EU template that the two entities are not spatially apart, but temporary fifty (50) years apart. The paper adopts the qualitative method of data collection and analysis. It adopts the theory of comparative analysis, since as it were; it is a comparative analysis of AU and EU. The paper also suggests that African Union have to chart its own course, move at its own pace, find its own rhythm and write its own history. The paper takes cognizance of the established regional integrations as a panacea for Africa’s unenviable deplorable economic and political conditions and analysis of the AU’s challenges and opportunities, as well as performance to date.

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