Publisher: University of Calabar

Engendering National Security and Good Governance Through National Identity and Integration

Akwara, Azalahu F. (ph.d)
KEYWORDS: national identity, national integration, vertical identification, horizontal identification, national question


All African nations are often said to be unintegrated and that their main problem to political development, stability, good governance and national securityis the integration of their peoples and a creation of the sense of national identity in them. This lack of national integration caused by the absence of national identity now poses the problems of corruption, instability, and insecurity which challenge the very existence of the Nigerian state. And the inability of the Nigerian government to address these challenges portrays the country as a failed state before the international community. This paper examines the concepts of national integration and national identity as they relate to the Nigerian state; the problems posed by it absence to the Nigerian state and what should be done to solve these problems if the Nigerian state is to remain united, strong, secure and democratic.

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