Publisher: University of Calabar

is isis A Threat To India? An Analytical Overview

Dr. Shailendra Deolankar
KEYWORDS: Islamic state, Terrorism, Indian security, ISIS


 The rise of the terrorist organization, ISIS which has an ultimate objective of restoring the caliphate (Islamic world) is considered as the most significant development in international jihadism since 9/11. ISIS is no more a concern confined only to Iraq and Syria but has also raised genuine concerns in the Indian security establishment about the radicalization of Indian Muslim youth. ISIS certainly has the potential to destabilize the social fabric and rule of law in India, if timely steps are not taken. The present paper reviews the possible threat of ISIS to India and discusses various facets associated with identifying and combating this global challenge to humanity. It is proposed that this issue should be viewed as a national crisis and handled at the central level with efficient use of modern technology. Creating a sense of collective responsibility and public awareness are also of utmost importance.

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