Publisher: University of Calabar

Analysis of Major Theoretical issues On National and International Security

Abdulrahman Adamu, Abubakar Zakari, Aminu Idris
KEYWORDS: Major, Theory, Issues, National, International, Security


All over the world the concern for security is a basic pre-occupation of every individual, community and indeed, of every nation. This is because security affects not only the satisfaction of human aspiration, but also the fundamental issue of national interest. It is only under a secure atmosphere that individual within the state can engage in productive activities to meet their needs. Similarly, it is under a secure atmosphere that the state can mobilize its human and material resources for meaningful national development. Accordingly, any threat to the security of any nation is viewed with repugnancy. It is against the foregoing that this paper seeks to discuss the major theoretical issues on national and international security. Methodologically, this paper adopted qualitative method of data collection which involved the use of existing and available literature on national and international security. 

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