Publisher: University of Calabar

The Verity of Urbanization and Public Health System In Nigeria

Attah, Amana Philip
KEYWORDS: Urbanization, public health, infrastructure, diseases.


The increasing quest for improved standard of living, access to greener pastures, white-collar jobs and improved socio-economic wellbeing have made interest on urbanization germane. However, its attendant consequences of population explosion, over-stressed of the existing infrastructures, environmental degradation and increase crime rate have posed serious challenges to the public health system in Nigeria. This paper, therefore, is written to explore the verity of urbanization and public health system in Nigeria. The researchers elicit data from both primary and secondary sources while the data were analyzed using the simple percentages, the mean score, standard deviation and coefficient of variation. A sample size of 399 respondents out of a total population of 28, 2254 was adopted using the Yaro Yameni statistical formula.
The paper concludes that the public health system in Nigeria has been adversely affected due to urbanization. Thus recommends that: basic infrastructure and employment opportunities should be madeaccessible at the rural areas, more health personnel’s be employed with health facilities upgraded to suit the current realities.

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