Publisher: University of Calabar

Portraying Conflicts Among Project Stakeholders From A Sustainable Project Management Perspective

Iftekhar, Ul Karim
KEYWORDS: Sustainable Project Management, Conflict Management, Stakeholder Management


Significantly enough, successful project managers recognize the influence of various stakeholders taking into account the conflicting requirements of a diverse range of project stakeholders spanning miscellaneous project phases toward the project sustainability. In this context, the multi-stakeholder perspective is regarded as the sustainable perspective for the project management, nonetheless critical conflicts among the project stakeholders inexorably exist in various scales and scopes determining the underlying project challenges. Given the classical stakeholder management and project leadership perspectives, the understanding of the construction and composition of conflict contexts and composures based on the project internalities and externalities become instrumental. With the evolutionary, emerging and changing properties of conflicts in the project management context, therefore understanding the different set-ups and configurations of conflicts also become of paramount significance for the sustainable project management holistically. In this relation, the problem formulation of this research thus depicts the clear-cut research gap in understanding the crystal-clear typology of conflicts relevant to the sustainable project management domain. With a literature review research design, the type of data and analysis of this study is mainly literature based and qualitative research from an academically theoretical standpoint to finally come up with concrete categorical conclusions for further research in the discourse of organizational research. The ultimate typology of this research revolves around three core types of conflicts noteworthy for the sustainable project management and effective project teams. Depending on the amount of subjectivity in the project teams, project members sense risks and unprecedented scenarios differently giving rise to subjective conflict among project stakeholders. Depending on the amount of objectivity in the project teams through organizational systems, processes and policies – the focal point for project managers is another type of objective conflict among project stakeholders. Finally, depending on the inter-organizational project collaboration, another focal point for project managers is the type of triangular conflict among project stakeholders toward the sustainable development of the organization

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