Publisher: University of Calabar

The Idea of Political Integration In Africa: Challenges and Prospects

Edemealem Mekuriyaw
KEYWORDS: Integration, Africa, Political Integration, Challenges, Prospects


The main focus of the paper was to assess the efforts for the political integration of Africa and its challenges and prospects. The paper argued that it is hard to achieve political integration in Africa because of the presence of different grass root problems. The paper answered the questions like: what were/are the efforts to bring political integration in Africa? What are the challenges and prospects to the political integration of Africa? The paper employed qualitative research approach. It analyzed secondary sources about the efforts to realize the political integration of Africa and the recurrent challenges which restrain the political integration of Africa until the present time and for the future. Political integration is all about establishing a single central government which can govern people of a particular region with uniform laws.  In different times, Africans tries to promote the idea of PanAfricanism which is an engine to establish Unified Africa or a single central government in Africa. However, the political integration in Africa has not achieved yet due to the existence of various challenges. Still, there are no genuine ways which can bring Africans for a common goal.   

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