Publisher: University of Calabar

Factors For Misuse of Small Arms and Its Impact In Eastern Gojjam Zone of Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

Aemro Tenaw ( M. A. )
KEYWORDS: Regulation, Small Arms, Light Weapons, Culture, Misuse


Misuse of small arms is one of the serious human security and development challenges for communities in the world whether in the time of peace or conflict/war. The central objective of the study is to assess the reasons misuse of small arms its impact in the study area. The study is basically qualitative case study -using both primary and secondary sources of data. The sampling technique used is non-random sampling technique which includes convenience, snowball and purposive sampling. Accordingly, the data were collected through in-depth interview with key informants and informants as well as illegal brokers, and focus group discussion organized from elders.  Document analysis was also used as a source of data. According to the findings of the study, the major reasons for misuses of small arms are: cultural (pride, revenge and emotional music and poetry), easy availability of small arms, alcohol and lack of skills to manage guns. As a result, misuse of small arms in the study area brings socioeconomic, cultural and psychological impact in the community. In addition, the findings show that misuse of small arms in the study area is not well regulated. Therefore, adoption, sensitization and implementation of law as well as continuous awareness raising and education to bring attitude change towards of small arms and some harmful cultures is required to monitor small arms problem in the study area

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