Publisher: University of Calabar

Climatic Variability Over Srinagar: Identifying Trends

Rashid, Ashraf Wani, Dr. Vijaya P. Khairkar
KEYWORDS: Climate variability, rainfall, temperature, trend, seasonal, monthly


Temperature and rainfall are regarded as the essence of climate and therefore, its variability is often considered as synonym of climate variability. Our nation being agriculture based is highly vulnerable to the anomalies of temperature and rainfall, especially the latter. In this paper, therefore, an attempt has been made to identify the trends of rainfall and temperature on different spatio-temporal basis in the Srinagar. The study has analyzed monthly, seasonal and annual rainfall and temperature trends over Srinagar. For both temperature and rainfall, monthly and seasonal data has shown greater variability though the annual trends of both the parameters are more or less constant. Though the variability for monthly and seasonal basis is sharply increasing or decreasing but statistically most of it is not statistically significant. The mean maximum temperature for winter and autumn has shown a sharp increasing trend suggesting a warm trend for the period of the year. Examination of the seasonal mean minimum temperature series indicates that the winter season and spring season show warming trend as the seasons have shown a drastic increase in trend especially for winter season. Seasonal trends for the JFM and AMJ show a sharp increase in the rainfall trend. JAS and OND also show a sharp declining trend for rainfall

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