Publisher: University of Calabar

Business and Its Environments: Business Opportunities Open To Small-Scale Enterprises During Political Transition Periods In Sub-Sahara Africa.

Akwara, Azalahu Francis, Akwara, Ngozi Francis, Udaw, Joseph, Odekina, Felicia
KEYWORDS: small-scale enterprise, environment, ideology, political transition, regime transition, role perception, role expectation.


The small-scale business enterprise operates in the same environment with its medium and large scale counterparts. Due to its size, the smal-scale business enterprise can adapt easily to changing environments and circumstances faster than the other forms of businesses. This paper examines the various political environments under which the small-scale busines enterprise operates, and the business opportunities open to it during political transition periods in sub Sahara Africa. The paper finds out that the democratic capitalist environment offers the small-scale enterprises the best opportunity to thrive and identifies several business opprtunities open to them during political and regime transition periods in sub-sahara Africa. The paper recommends that the small-scale enterprisise should mix business with politics in order to exploit these business opportunities open to it in its area of operation during political transition periods in the region.

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