Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research, Enugu

Manpower Development and Employee Service Delivery: A Study of Enugu State Local Government Service Commission

Ohaeri Chibuike S, Umuagwo, Chukwu Emmanuel O
KEYWORDS: manpower, development, management, training needs


This paper examined manpower development and employee service delivery: A study of Enugu State Local Government Service Commission. Data were collected from both primary and secondary sources presented in tables and analyzed using percentages and frequent tables. Hypotheses were formulated and tested using Chi square method. It was discovered among other things that, staff training will improve employee’s performance in Awka-South Local Government Area. It was observed that management makes effort towards ensuring adequate staff training, and that Staff training will have a significant effect on the output and service delivery of staff of Enugu State Local Government. In view of these findings, among other recommendations are; that training needs should be considered on the basis of overall organizational objectives. The goals of the organization should determine what training programs are to be organized for staff. The management of Awka-South Local Government Area should invest more in training as money invested in the employees is like money kept in a safe deposit, which appreciates in value over time.

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