Publisher: University of Calabar

Multi-Sectorial Assessment of Policy Implementation In The Nigerian Sociopolitical System

Ozumba, Lily Nnenna
KEYWORDS: Policy, Implementation, Multi-sectorial, Socio-political


Public policy implementation is one of the ways through which the purpose of government is realised and problems confronting man are addressed. It is usually linked to number of a number of sector- agriculture, health, education, security, power and electricity, petroleum, etc. Unfortunately, the major problem confronting the developing countries like Nigeria is poor implementation of government programmes and policies to engender national and economic development.  For most policies and programmes implemented in Nigeria, the paper argues that there exist a “widening gap between intentions and results”. This paper is therefore an multi-sectorial assessment of policy implementation in the Nigerian socio-political system. Factors that have hampered effective implementation of public policies in Nigeria were identified and recommendations for their efficient execution are made in the concluding sections of the paper

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