Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research, Enugu

Electoral Violence As A Threat To Consolidation of Nigeria’S Democracy

Mohammed Hashimu Yunusa
KEYWORDS: Violence, consolidation, democracy and electro violence.


 It should be emphasized that the trend of violence in Nigeria under the country’s nascent democracy is a paradox, especially when viewed from the fact that democracy and its attendant ingredients of  freedom, justice, peace and good governance is supposed to curb violence in all its ramifications. However, the situations in Nigeria as available evidence reveals do not conform to this little opportunity is taken for violence. That which concerns this paper is electoral violence. Since political power is taken as an avenue to amass wealth for selfish interest rather than- national, state, Local or community development, people go to any length to- grab the power. As a result, peace which is a prerequisite to the survival of democracy is lacking. The paper examines electoral violence under Nigeria’s nascent democracy. It is revealed that issues such as poverty, unemployment, age-long conflicts, rigging, poor security system, lack of well defined ideology by Political parties and political intolerance are threatening the survival- of Nigeria’s- democracy. Unless these issues are  adequately addressed, the chances that Nigeria’s nascent democracy with survive are very slim.

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