Publisher: University of Calabar

Library Utilization In Nigerian Polytechnics: A Survey of Students’ Use of Library Catalogue In Federal Polytechnic, Idah, Kogi State

Adayi O. Innocent, Abu Hauwa Kulu, Ejiga A. Ibrahim
KEYWORDS: Library, Library Catalogue, Higher National Diploma, Polytechnic


The study examines the utilization of Library in Nigerian Polytechnics by taking a survey of the use of library catalogue by Higher National Diploma students in Federal Polytechnic Idah library. The survey research design was adopted for the study. The population consists of 484 registered HND users from which 50% or 242 were sampled based on their availability in the library. The questionnaire was used to collect data which were analyzed using simple descriptive statistics. Findings reveal that majority
(49%) of HND students never use the catalogue at all, while 30% use catalogue occasionally. The  students lack searching skill and are unfamiliar with the catalogue. In addition, they seldom locate items on the shelves that were indicated in the catalogue to be there. Recommendations were drawn to the effect that user education programme should be made more pragmatic, regular shelving and shelfreading as well as preparation of guide for catalogue users, among others.

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