Publisher: University of Calabar

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology On Youth and Its Vocational Opportunities In Nigeria

Oladunjoye, Idowu Michael, Audu, Joel Samson
KEYWORDS: ICT, youth, employment, vocational opportunity, development


The unemployment rate in all countries especially developing nations (like Nigeria) has been in geometric increase to the extent that it is not only becoming unbearable but also uncontrollable to address the socio-economic issue. Considering the alarming rate of unemployment in these nations, it has become one of the major issues used by politicians to canvass for political support during elections. However, much seems not to have been achieved in this direction. This paper is therefore written to explore the impact of ICT on youth and its vocational opportunities in Nigeria. The researchers elicit data from both primary and secondary data. The paper concludes that development of ICT will provide employment opportunities to the youths thereby securing the nation both socially and economically. Thus the paper recommends that, potentials of youth should be upgraded to encourage the application of ICT. 

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