Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research, Enugu

Social Media Communication Affecting Consumer Brand Perception

Najam Ul Zia, Maryam Sohail
KEYWORDS: Social media, Brand equity, User-generated communication, Brand attitude, Purchase intention


Experts and brand managers have short and limited understanding of the effects social media communication has on how consumers perceive brands. Data collected from 100 university students in order to observe the impact of firm-created and user-generated (UG) social media communication on brand equity (BE), brand attitude (BA) and purchase intention (PI), that were selected by simple random sampling method. Results showed that a significance positive relation exist between social media communication and brands consciousness, also results showed that user-generated social media communication had a positive influence on both brand equity and brand attitude.Although firm-created social media connection affected solely brand name attitude, brand equity and brand attitude both have a positive influence on purchase intention.Cronbach’s Alpha estimates for the reliability, frequency test, descriptive statistics
(Mean, SD), T-test of significance. Results were shown by using SPSS.

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