Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research, Enugu

The Impact of Internal Control On Corporate Sustainability and Economic Development

Enofe A. O., Uwaifo N. F.


This study examined the impact of internal control on corporate sustainability as well as whether sustainability relate to economic development. The population of this study consist of practicing accountant in industry in Edo State, due to the difficulties associated with studying the entire
population in Edo state, 100 people were randomly selected. For the purpose of this research work primary data was used and the data were collected with the help of well-structured questionnaire, the data collected were tested using gamma chi-square, the researchers choice of Gamma chisquare
is as a result of the data being grouped and in ordinal form The findings from this research work show that there is a relationship between internal control and corporate sustainability and there is also a relationship between corporate sustainability and economic development. That is,
we can use internal control to improve on our sustainable goals and objectives and the multiplier effect in improvement in corporate sustainability will lead to economic growth. This study recommend that companies should develop sound internal control management system to indentify, measure, monitor and control its internal control system, organization should ensure that they comply to regulatory requirement, be socially, economically and environmentally

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