Publisher: University of Calabar

Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN): A Chronological Description of Its Functionality In The Aviation Industry

Omisore, Olatunmibi, Eri, Kayode, Paul, Salisu Ojonemi
KEYWORDS: Public, Organization, Authority, Transportation Agenda, Aviation Roadmap


The Federal government of Nigeria for over three decades after the political independence has been fundamentally involved in the establishment and management of profit and non-profit making organizations in the economy. The target is to create and fast tract the independence and development of the economy. This historical research work is attempted at describing one of Nigeria’s public organizations that has been seen to be viable, vibrant and dynamic in the country’s transportation economic sector for over six decades. The paper relied on qualitative data and Structural-Functionalism Model to picture the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) from its creation to the present position in the Transportation Agenda of the Jonathan’s administration. It majorly found out among others, that contrary to the believe of the public, FAAN employees are referred to as public servants and not civil servants due to the fact that its personnel are recruited/selected and remunerated under its determined condition of service through its Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). The paper finally canvassed that comprehensive implementation should be given to the Aviation Roadmap in the Transformation Agenda with complementary macro-economic policies to achieve desired goals of its reality in its vision and mission. 

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