Publisher: University of Calabar

Godfatherism, Party Politics and Democracy In Nigeria: issues and Challenges

Attah, Amana Philip, Audu, Joel Samson, Haruna, Paul Ogwu
KEYWORDS: Godfatherism, Party politics, democracy, republic


The transition from military rule to democracy in the fourth republic in Nigeria rekindled the hope of Nigerians after over three decades of militarization of Nigerian state characterized with high rate of impunity, monumental corruption, oppression and insecurity.  However, the democratic rule in the fourth republic has been characterized with godfatherism and party politics which has weakened Nigerian democratic institution.  This paper is therefore written to examine the causes and effects of godfatherism and party politics in Nigerian democracy.  The researchers obtained data from both primary and secondary sources while data were analyzed using the simple percentages, mean and frequency table.  The paper concluded that godfatherism and party politics have been the bane of Nigerian democratic system.  Finally, the researchers recommend that democratic institution should be strengthened to eschew the system from godfatherism and politicking of core government policies and programmes

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