Publisher: University of Calabar

Impact of Technology On Modern Life: A Colossus In Defence and Security

Lukpata, Victor Ikong, Phd, Andeshi, Christopher A.
KEYWORDS: Technology, warfare, revolution, contemporary, military


Technology has always been the source of improved tools of warfare. In the contemporary age, systematic research in science has preconditioned and made feasible development of new technology and innovations for use by both military and civilians. This development has had effects both on the society and the nature of warfare.  European nations used their superior technology to subjugate and colonize other nations aside from Waging wars among themselves. The present age (knowledge age) is unearthing an unprecedented revolution in technologies. These technologies have not only touched myriad activities in the civil field but have as well initiated a revolution in military affairs. In this paper, an attempt will be made to examine the impact of technology on modern life of which warfare is an integral part. Historical, descriptive and qualitative approaches were adopted as mode of analysis. 

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