Publisher: University of Calabar

Managing Post-Retirement Conditions In Nigeria

Maji, Ali
KEYWORDS: Retirement, Pension, Retirement plan, Economics of Healthcare


The paper notes that retirement is a must for all workers. Despite government  roles at providing social security income, retirement period has been a tension provoking and devastating phenomenon in Nigeria and other emerging economies of Africa, Asia and Latin America. This is so because of the regular nonpayment of gratuities and pension benefits in Nigeria.The  paper, recognises that workers who ignore retirement planning do so at their perils, tressing that life consists of entry and exit and that one must plan for exit immediately after getting appointment. The paper further notes that a sweet and enjoyable post-retirement life demands that certain capital or income generating production/service outfit(s) be put in place before the retirement day.The paper therefore identifies and discusses entrepreneurship opportunities available for managing post-retirement  conditions in Nigeria. The paper calls on Nigerian workers to embrace one of the opportunities so as to remain moderately productive and healthy  after retirement.

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