Publisher: University of Calabar

Problematic of Political Violence and Money Politics In Africa: The Need To Enthrone Civil Authoritarianism

Ali, S. Yusufu Bagaji, Phd, Haruna Halidu, Ph.d, Godwin E. Essoh, Ph.d
KEYWORDS: Africa, Money Politics, Political Power, Political Violence, Material Wealth


This article explores the very nature of unprecedented struggle for wealth and political power resulting in violent killings of human beings in Africa. It specifically examined the role of political elites and their allies acting in an environment characterised by passive mass apathy, distortion of information and abject poverty in primitive accumulation of wealth and state power. The article found that the number of human beings killed as a result of unprecedented struggle for material wealth and power surpassed the atrocities committed during series of military coups in the African continent. In order to expose and restrain wealth and power mongers and their allies, collaborative effort between the Civil Society, Faith Based Organisations (F.B.O), Community Based Organisations (C.B.O), Human Rights Activists (HRA) in terms of imposing economic sanctions and application of the principles of isolationism among others were suggested.   

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