Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research, Enugu

Management Information System (MIS) and Business Success: A Technique For Goal Attainment In Hotel Management

Okafor Obiefuna Anene, Phd
KEYWORDS: MIS, goal attainment, Hotels.


In today's unpredictable hotel business environment, service organizations every day are increasingly faced with the challenges of attaining their specific goals and objectives. The prevailing global economic recession in Nigeria coupled with the growing dependence on information technology in
hotels have heightened the need for hotel managers and entrepreneurs to re-think strategies on how best to achieve the goals of their organizations within record time. This paper, however identified Management Information System (MIS) as a computer based management technique, which involves
the study and application of the information needs of an organization's management at all levels. It prescribes Management Information System (MIS) as a potent instrument which can be established, adopted and developed to facilitate operational, tactical and strategic decision making process by every
organization wishing to meet the demands of the environment and achieve their expected goals. Therefore, computer based Management Information System (MIS) is recommended as an invaluable management strategy support technique which can be developed to assist management in understanding
the effect of their strategies and help to enable effective decision making, useful for the attainment of organizational goals mostly in hotels.

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