Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research, Enugu

Need For Recycling: A Panacea To Unemployment and Economic Development In Nigeria

Joy Ugwu, Phd, P. Agu, Phd, Esther Maduagwu, Phd
KEYWORDS: Recycling, Environment, Waste Management, Productivity


In recent times, recycling is the order of the day eventhrough that it has dated back in the 1950s. The impact of waste and its attendant consequences on the environment cannot be overemphasized. Hence there is need for recycling to control its negative effects. There is no gainsaying to the fact that recycling
has a good impact on the production capacity of some countries based on raw materials. For example, American companies rely on recycling programs to provide the raw materials they need to make new products. The quest for recycling in Nigeria was as a result of the high cost of raw materials hence this
study is geared towards the utilization of waste for a new product with a study of Scientific Equipment and Development Institute (SEDI) Enugu as a reference point. The statement of the study is that the government and individuals do not know much on what a properly recycled wastes can offer in reducing
cost of production and prices of goods which will enhance the standard of living of individuals. Some of the objectives of the study is to determine the extent to which manufacturers recycle their waste materials for greater productivity and to examine the level of awareness of recycling materials in
organizations in the area of study. The population of 200 people were randomly selected and using Taro Yamane’s sample size determination, a sample size of 133 persons were selected. The researchers found out empirically that recycling of all sorts improves the sanitation of the environment, creates job
opportunities and enhances the sustainability and economic development of the country. It was concluded that there is need to expand existing doorstep collections to all households. Also, to increase the number of materials collected and introduce separate weekly food waste collections. Based on the
finding, the study recommends that the government-Local, State, Federal and private firms should start up recycling plants because of its obvious advantages.

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