Publisher: University of Calabar

Performance Appraisal Practices In A Developing Country: Case Study of A Ngo In Bangladesh

Ayesha Tabassum
KEYWORDS: Performance Appraisal, NGOs, Bangladesh


Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are playing an increasingly important role towards development of Bangladesh by providing a range of services, i.e. poverty alleviation through micro-credit, employment, women empowerment, ensuring education and health, etc. As a service providing organisations, NGOs’ performances are dependent on their human resources as retaining high quality human resources has become a challenge in this sector. That’s why the organisations are now putting increased accentuates on performance appraisal practices to not only improve employee performance but also apply as a motivating tool. Thus the case study aims to explore and assess the existing performance appraisal practices of PIACT Bangladesh, a NGO of Bangladesh. The study examines the characteristics, elements, assessment approach and methods of performance appraisal, and methods of appraisal interview in PIACT. This discussion is followed by a critical assessment that identifies the effectiveness of current performance appraisal practices.

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