Publisher: Research Center For Management and Social Studies (rcmss)

Rape and Sexual Violence Against The Girl- Child: Securing The Future Through Good Governance In Nigeria

Falade, Bolanle Kemisola, Fasuan, E.olawale
KEYWORDS: Rape, Sexual Violence, Girl-Child, Good Governance


The girl-child isa young female child,they however often used to be in great danger in the places where they should be thoughtfully safe.It is indeed glaring that rape and sexual violence reported cases are shocking and disturbing with the female gender affecting in the humiliation and harassment  in Nigerian society today. It appears that everyday girls and women are sexually being violated and raped.This paper examines the situation of the girl child and the several cultural and socio-economic factors that could contributes to the raising the vulnerability of the girl child to violence, rape and how the future could be secured for the girl child through good governance. Following this, the paper therefore observes the consequences of these vulnerability-enhancing risk factors among girls children. The study relied on secondary data which involve the use ofcontent analysis of the data, a field research to observed court cases on rapes and sexual violence and interview with some relevant people on the subject matter. The study found that good governance which entails rule of law, child protections services and sex-education would help to secure the future of the girl-child. 

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