Publisher: Research Center For Management and Social Studies (rcmss)

Peace, Security and Sustainable National Development In Nigeria: Problems and Prospects

Seseer P. Mou, Dr. Dan Mou
KEYWORDS: peace, security, sustainable development, Nigeria, and national interests


This paper analyses the various dimensions of the social, political, economic and other conditions in Nigeria that have, over the years, affected the peace, security and sustainable national development of Nigeria.  It argued that to properly understand the challenges or otherwise to peace, security and sustainable national developmental issues in Nigeria, several factors or dimensions are involved.  No single factor explanation, the paper shows, will be sufficient.  This is because socio-political issues of this magnitude never readily yield themselves to single factor explanations.  Consequently, we examined the complex issues that have affected negatively or positively the peace, security and sustainable national development of Nigeria.  We concluded the discussion of each of the factors with recommendations regarding the way forward on the matters discussed therein.  The paper suggested strongly that careful analyses of the issues at stake are required to avoid hasty conclusions, discussions, comments and actions that may not be in the best national interests of Nigeria.  It called on the need to draw on and learn from history, as Nigeria attempts to tackle the challenges besetting her at the moment that have to do, especially with the peace, security and sustainable national development in Nigeria. 

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