Publisher: Research Center For Management and Social Studies (rcmss)

In Search of Integrity: Appraising State Response To Militancy In Nigeria’S Niger Delta

Odobo, Samuel Osagie, Awolere, Emmanuel Kayode2, Andekin Amos Musa
KEYWORDS: Militancy, State Response, Confrontation, Dialogue, Niger Delta


State’s response to militancy in Nigeria’s Delta region has oscillated between adversarial and nonadversarial modes of conflict management. These responses have not addressed underlying issues in the conflict especially socio-economic injustice and environmental degradation.Government’s confrontational approach to militancy triggered further conflicts in the region. Also, state’s attempt at dialoguing with the militants and addressing developmental needs of the region have all been victims of massive corruption, insincerity and lack of genuine commitment on the part of the state and other key conflict actors. The paper concludes that the application of military force will not end militancy in the region. The state should pursue dialogue with the militants and also genuinely commit to addressing the issue of development in the region while tackling official corruption and lack of transparency that have hindered its interventionist agencies from having significant positive impacts on the people of the region

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