Publisher: Research Center For Management and Social Studies (rcmss)

41 Identifying The Parameters of Militarisation In Kashmir Valley- Locating Through The Prism of Human Security Approach

Mohd Aarif Rather
KEYWORDS: Human Security, Kashmir, Militarisation, Violence, Freedom


The valley of Kashmir is marked with one of the most complex situation wherein on the one hand two nuclear powers i.e, India and Pakistan are involved, while, on the other hand, the people of the valley of Kashmir has developed alienation against the Indian federal rule. Also, the valley has witnessed intensive militarisation resulting in various issues of human security, however there are still difficulties to identities and lay down demarcation in precise manner. It’s here theoretical nub to enter into comprehending and analysing these emerging phenomena. In this context, the study would tend to render our understanding of Kashmir valley and its challenges posed by intensive militarisation on the path of ability (or inability) to lead a life as one wish. The central concern of human life has been absence of violence that otherwise imposes severe restriction. But, the paradigm of militarisation prevailing in the valley of Kashmir allows the examination of the numerous challenges of human security. Within this framework, the paper would map the various parameters of Human Security challenges prevailing in the valley of Kashmir as well as try to examine the adequacy (or inadequacy) of the concept of Human Security in capturing the nuances of the Kashmir valley. 

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