Publisher: Research Center For Management and Social Studies (rcmss)

Explaining The Relationship Between Border Markets and The Dynamics of Villages In The Borderlands

Mahtab Jafari
KEYWORDS: temporary border markets, employment, entrepreneurship, Borderlands


Today, economists speak of trade as an engine for the development. The establishment of border markets as a good strategy to address gaps in border areas and border out of the current economic crisis has been welcomed by many development planners. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of temporary border markets in frontier employment and entrepreneurship in rural areas, in 3 the Khaw village of Mirabad, Flows and Sarkol are in the city of Marivan. The research purpose is cross-functional and in terms of data collection. The study population consisted of 5532 patients were frontiersmen who uses statistical methods 250 subjects were selected. Questionnaires were distributed in proportion to the number of rural frontier. The validity of the test Cronbach's alpha was 0.74 percent, also with 20 findings of experts to complete, in-depth individual interviews took place. In order to analyze the data, paired t test, chi-square test (to determine whether or not respondents in question), and Kruskal-Wallis test was used. The results show that the temporary border markets could have a positive effect on employment and entrepreneurial frontier rural areas and villages close to the border with more influence from temporary border markets. According to the paired t test, rural incomes due to the elimination of smuggling activities in the region, after the establishment of border markets before the establishment of the markets, dropped.  

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