Publisher: University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Cultural Imperialism, Integration and Projection of Africa: Some Emerging issues In The Information Media

Abiodun Salawu
KEYWORDS: Cultural Imperialism, Integration and Projection of Africa: Some Emerging Issues in the Information Media


Abstract The paper asserts that cultural imperialism for an independent nation is only possible with the consent of the receiving nation. Even though Africa borrows the hardware (media technology), it does not have to borrow the software (media content and programme). The continent has control over this and it should 1/[(11\(" Cl choice. The major problem with Africa nor being able to break into the media space of the other parts of the world, as CNN and other cable networks are doing, is lack of technology and, perhaps, adequate funds. Even though, certain African media statioris are already engaging in satellite broadcasting, their reach and impact can, ill lto uuu], compare with those of the western media. In the spirit of freedom of infonnation, it //lay /lot be proper to shut out the American/ western cable networks or censor their transmission. For the pUl]JOSP.of safeguarding ethics, however, African governments may haue to consider ways of regulating cable and Internet media. The New World Information Order (NWIO) crusade, even though it may have been, somehow. discredited, achieved some good results, one of uihicn is the Pan-African News Agency (PANA). PANA, houreuer. failed because the financiers had nothing to benefit from 11 PANA is very important in' the integration of Africa and provision of relevant information to Africans about themselves. The African media should be strenqthened to project the good image of Africa to the rest of the world. 

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