Publisher: University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Precision Reporting In The New Information Society

Mlchael O. Ukonu
KEYWORDS: Precision Reporting in the New Information Society


The world is today an information-based environment. This is, indeed, an interesting fact. However, it seems Nigerian journalists are yet to come to terms with the signs of the times - the urgent need for vigorous and precise details of events in contexts that make them easily meaningful and useful. It is incumbent on journalists to help the audience make meaning out of the large amount of information that reaches it every other second. There is no contesting the need to make the audience easily see, in vivid details, how the reporter's job affects them. This is the thrust of this piece. The importance of precision and, indeed, scientific journalism is explored. Tlwugh the area is vast, the journalist is alerted to the various tools of scientific reporting and how to acquire functional knowledge on using them.

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