Publisher: Ekiti State University

Synthesis, Characterization and Antifungal Evaluation of The Salt of Copper (II) Complexes of Chloramine-T In Aqueous Medium On Selected Plant Pathogens (SPECIES).

Olagboye, S. A.
KEYWORDS: chloroamine-T. metal complexes, synthesis and antifungi


The metal complexes of Cu (II)ions, chloramines-T ligand of different salts of chloride, sulphate and nitrate have been synthesized at different concentrations and characterization based on the elemental analysis, melting points, solubility tests, molar conductance and IR spectroscopic results carried out. The solubility results revealed that metal complexes were soluble in methanol,, ethanol and mostly soluble in DMSO-water. The melting point results suggested pure metal complexes while conductivity results showed that they were non-electrolytes. IR spectra data confirmed the involvement of nitrogen of the sulfonamide at the   coordination site of metal to the ligand. The metal complexes obtained when screened against the Rhizoctonia solanis, collentricum falcatum and Sclerotina  rofsil at 25% concentration indicated their fungi toxicity while the ligand shows no inhibitory activity.

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