Publisher: Ekiti State University

Adenopus Breviflorus Benth Oil Composite Reinforced With Natural and Modified Coir Fiber: Fabrication and Properties

Emmanuel Akintayo, Cecilia O, Steuernagel Leif, Beuermann Sabine
KEYWORDS: Adenopus breviflorus benth oil composite reinforced with natural and modified coir fiber: fabrication and properties.


The viscoelastic, mechanical and thermal properties of Adenopus breviflorus benth oil resin /composites reinforced with native and modified coir fibres have been studied. The influence of chemically modified fibres (mercerated and oxidized) on the properties of the resulting composites were of particular interest. Generally the composites were better damping materials than the neat resin. Mercerisation of the native coir fibre led to an improved adhesion to the resin. However incorporation of the mercerated coir fibre beyond 2wt % adversely affected the visco-elastic properties of the resulting composites. Results also show that the mercerated fibre composites exhibited better tensile modulus than the oxidized fibre composites. The thermal degradation temperature of both composites was found to be higher than that of the neat resin.

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