Publisher: Ekiti State University

Nutritional and Antinutritional Attributes of Under - Utilized Tree Crops: Adansonia Digitata, Albizzia Lebbeck and Daniellia Oliveri Seed

Adeyeye Emmanuel, Ogunbusola Eunice, Olaofe Olorunfemi, Adubiar O Habibat
KEYWORDS: Daniellia oliveri, Adansonia digitata, Albizia lebbeck, seeds, proximate analysis, antinutritional factors


The present study investigated the chemical compositions of Daniellia oliveri, Baobab (Adansonia digitata) and Albizia lebbeck seeds.The seeds have very high protein contents, which range from 33.40 in Daniellia oliveri to 48.32% in Adansonia digitata The crude fat varied from 8.32 - 6.93% while other proximate composition ranges were: moisture content, 3.23 - 4.20%. Crude fibre 3.56 - 6.35%. Ash 3.83 - 4.51% and carbohydrate 21.90 - 44.60%. The most abundant minerals were Ca (300 – 880) mg/100g, Mg (170 – 380) mg/100g and K (113 – 210) mg/100g. The level of Na/K ratio is desirable compared to the recommended value. The amino acid analysis revealed that all the samples contained useful quantities of most essential amino acids. Total essential amino acids (TEAA) with histidine ranged from 260.00 to 399.80g/kg of protein. The least concentrated amino acid was Cys (5.3 – 12.6 g/kg crude protein) and calculated isoelectric point (pI) ranged between 3.12 and 4.41. The low levels of anti-nutritional factors showed that the seeds may be recommended for human consumption

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