Publisher: Ekiti State University

Ethical Problems and Procedural Justice In The Management of Staff Discipline In Nigerian University System

Awosusi, O. O. Ph.d
KEYWORDS: Ethical problems; Procedural justice; Management; Staff Discipline; Nigerian University System


This paper investigated the challenges of administering discipline among staff in the Nigerian university system. The objective of the study was to find out the conceptual problems and to identify the challenges the system is facing with regard to the view of the law courts about the disciplinary   decisions of higher   institutions   and the unpleasant outcomes of wrong decisions of the institutions on disciplinary cases. The study relied on   secondary sources and   observation method to gather   the data used to review some cases involving the universities in the past. The author reviewed the theories of ethics, justice and the fundamental underpinnings of the rights of workers vis-a-vis the available legal frameworks in use for the governance of the universities. The paper identified various challenges which the Nigerian university system faces in its management   of disciplinary matters   giving   relevant case studies  and suggested solutions that will ensure reduction in litigations as well as decrease in misconducts and antisocial behaviours by university workers

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