Publisher: Ekiti State University

Benefits and Contributions of Entrepreneurship Education: A Study of Nigerian Universities

Faderera O. Ashongbon, Rasheed A. Oyedeji
KEYWORDS: Entrepreneurship, Learnability, Teachability, Transition, Unemployment


This study has been carried out on two Nigerian universities to primarily investigate their level of advocacy for small, medium and cottage entrepreneurship which is fundamental in combating unemployment and creation of wealth and promote economic growth. Very low impacts have been made in this area of entrepreneurship education and skill acquisition. Not many studies have been conducted on entrepreneurship education by all agencies and professionals as well. The study is therefore out to investigate benefits and contributions of entrepreneurship education within the geographical environment in which these schools are located. This research adopts a quantitative approach using primary source of data collection. The study shows there is no significant difference in the transition stages of entrepreneurship skills from the students of the two Universities as regards benefits and contributions of entrepreneurship education. However, the findings of the study establishes entrepreneurship skill competency such as learnability and teachability at transition stage of entrepreneurship skill acquisition which can influence efficient entrepreneurship skills and service delivery

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